Getting Results

Want to slow down the aging process and possibly reverse signs of aging?

3 types of facial resurfacing treatments that pack a punch and give results.

Fractionated Lasers

One of the most popular fractionated nonablative lasers is the Fraxel Dual, which delivers two wavelengths.  One clears surface pigmentation, and the other goes deeper to stimulate collagen production and smooth lines, wrinkles, and scars.  No other treatment creates the same degree of rejuvenation.  Recover time is one to two weeks of irritated skin and sloughing of skin cells, followed by months of lingering redness.

Average Cost: $900 – $1,500

Collagen Induction Therapy – MicroNeedling

This is a Spa Beleza favorite because you’ll get results with minimal down-time.  You’ll have redness for 24 to 48 hours, followed by light flaking for one week.  A dozen of tiny needles puncture the pre-numbed skin with a motorized stamper causing microscopic channels in the skin forcing the skin to regenerate, thereby smoothing lines and wrinkles, and fade pigmentation for an even skin tone.

Average Cost: $260 & up

Dermal Peels – Chemical Peels

Peels are an effective way to lessening the aging process.  There are several types and strengths of chemical peels.  Stronger peels, such as Salicylic Acid or THC, go deeper and give more successful results.  The downtime for deeper peels is redness and tightness for two to three days with approximately one week of peeling.  These peels yield better results than mild or gentle peels and are recommended to be done twice to four times a year.  With medium depth peels and gentler peels, you may experience slight redness for a day, followed by a few days of light sloughing that may be unnoticeable.  These peels are designed to keep your skin rejuvenated and should be performed on a monthly basis.

Deep Chemical Peel Average Cost: $150 and up

Medium and Gentle Chemical Peel Cost: $65 – $90

NOTE:  It is highly recommended that your home care regimen also has a chemical exfoliator to be used at night.  By using a chemical exfoliator nightly, your skin regenerates more effectively, revealing younger, healthier skin and slowing down the aging progression.  It will also enhance the benefits of your chemical peel.